Thursday, September 12, 2013

A day in the life...of an 8 week old

That's right, we are 8 weeks into this amazing adventure. I can't believe that my baby is almost 2 months old. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant like it was yesterday and its almost been one year since that day. Since I am a mommy now, time flies by. It is crazy! It will be no time before I am planning birthday parties, buying school supplies, and planning his first sleepover. Alright, I am getting ahead of myself...for now let's focus on this sweet tiny baby that I sweet Jonah Lee.
Like I said, the little guy is 8 weeks old today and this baby loves his routine. He is much happier when we stick to it and he really does notice if we get out of routine. He is also a little homebody. Since I stay at home that is where most of our time is spent through the week and he knows that home is where he is most comfy. 
Every morning Jonah usually wakes up around 7-7:30 and eats. He then normally falls back asleep until around 9:00. Once we get up and have breakfast, then it's playtime. Jonah is such a morning baby and he loves to play on his playmat and his bouncy seat. After playtime, the little guy is usually ready to eat again. After this feeding he normally takes his long morning nap. Not going to lie, I look very forward to his nap so I can get stuff done around the house. Once his nap is over it's time to eat again. Then we usually just hang out and have some cuddle time 😘 
Once Jonah has his afternoon nap he normally plays while I cook dinner. THEN Daddy comes home! Jonah is really starting to show his happiness when his daddy comes home. Alex usually keeps the baby occupied while I finish up dinner. 

After dinner is all done and cleaned up comes Jonah's favorite part of the day. He loves a good bath. Our little nightly routine goes bath, cuddles, nurse, then bedtime. He usually does great and it asleep within ten minutes and normally sleeps until 4:30-5:30 before he is up to eat. We are VERY thankful for our good sleeper! 

Once the night is over and it's morning time again, the happy little guy is full of smiles! It's definitely my favorite part of the day...cuddling in bed with him and Alex before he goes off to work for the day. 

That is a typical weekday for the little guy.  What's a normal day like for you and your little ones? 

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